Thursday, June 9, 2011

a tale of two cards

while dusting and tidying up our bedroom the other day, the two contrasting cards sitting on my dresser caught my attention.

one card reads:

Our love isn't just about the special celebrations in our lives - it's also about the simple pleasure of sharing each day with you...It's talking about anything and everything, laughing together, and feeling our worries melt away in the warmth of each other's arms...It's about knowing each other so well, making each other happy, and being so good together.

Happy Anniversary with Love

(and then there is a very beautiful and personal handwritten inscription from my husband. he always gives me cards that ring so true to our relationship. i love him.)

the other card reads:

Hope everYoNe pees WHeRe THeY'Re SuPPoSed To TODAY.


(with SE7EN happy little signatures underneath. another true sentiment of my life.)


I live a blessed and well gifted life. My heart overflows.