Monday, June 13, 2011

daybook, june 13th

Outside my Window...a storm just blew through. now the sun is trying to shine.

What We're Learning...The Last Supper, skip counting by 2s, how to diagram simple subject & simple predicate sentences, ...

I am thankful for...the little grocery store around the corner that sells good lunch meat and cheese

From the kitchen...we had sandwiches, leftover mac & cheese, and BBQ chips for lunch

I am wearing...jean skirt, yellow top, hair in a ponytail, bare feet

I am reading...Anne of Green Gables, The Art of Homemaking

I am praying...for Korinne's wellness, and that she is the last of the family to battle this very s-l-o-w moving virus!

I am organized home. all seasonal decor is in the attic. my laundry room cupboard is organized (as are the cupboards/drawers that house our microwave), my closet is almost finished...AND! we purchased another shelf this weekend, so ALL our books now have a home (but it IS already filled)

I am hearing...Kylie flipping the pages of her bible, the hum of the fans

I am remembering...that I need to activate a new debit card, to at least start on Kylie's lesson plans for her Freshman year, and check on my parents (aren't you home yet?!?!)

I am going...nowhere today. Korinne has Book Discussion Tuesday. We may go swimming and to Ladie's Bible Study Wednesday, Storytime at the Library Thursday, Friday (?), the boys want to go Fishing again Saturday...but the girls want to go shopping, and hopefully, hopefully to church on Sunday (if no one else gets the bug!).

On my mind...blooming where I'm planted. I'm having trouble lately. I'm so anxious for Brian to get orders. I don't think it will happen anytime soon, and the position that's (still) open in H@w@ii just haunts me (truly).

Noticing that...everything looks so green and clean now that it rained. The air even feels cleaner.

One of my favorite things...the things my kids say. This morning, Wesley exclaimed, "You look pretty, Momma!" and Benjamin and I had a silly discussion... Me: "You're rotten and stinky." Benjamin: "No I'm not." Me: "OK, you're sweet and delicious." Benjamin: "No, Momma. We don't eat children!"

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...see "I am going"