Wednesday, July 6, 2011

thinking ::

I'm thinking how awkward it feels to sit here in this chair, staring at this computer screen. I blog very little these days. I rarely read blogs. And I never comment anymore. Kinda makes me sad. But I see other parts of my life falling into better place, so I see that's it's a good exchange.

I'm thinking that I despise Morning Sickness. Make that All Day sickness. I'm still able to do everything I need to do, but I carry around a slight nauseous feeling most of the day. When I'm starting to feel hungry, I get nauseous. As I eat, I get even more nauseous. After I eat, I want to die for a while. I know it's all going to be worth it. But I will tell you, I despise it.

I'm thinking about how sad I felt yesterday when my mom texted me the Not Guilty verdict for the Casey Anthony trial. I was heartbroken, crushed. I fought tears for close to an hour. After I had mulled it over in my head for a while, I turned to Brian and asked him what was on my mind... "If Casey Anthony really is guilty, and God is a just God, then how will that poor little girl ever receive justice?" He answered me with a true Brian answer. "Kathi, Caylee is in heaven. And that is justice." And he is right. A few years ago, I would have wanted that woman's mouth duck taped shut and drowned. Now, I just pray that *if* she is actually guilty, she goes straight from jail to the foot of the Cross. Because that's her only hope.

I'm thinking how it's totally weird that I homeschool my kids. In July. But it's just too hot to do anything else, and they haven't complained too much about it either...except that our History reading was v-e-r-y long. And the Review Words for Spelling are dumb. And capital Es have four lines going out, not three. And there is only one poem of Robert Browning's in our Poetry book. And a certain 11 year old still can't find here missing Lesson 17 in English...

And, right now, I'm also thinking that I should have put the roast in the oven for dinner, and didn't. I have fresh ground beef in the fridge, but I don't want to make anything with that, because I really want the roast tomorrow, and I don't like to do red meat two days in a row. So...what will I make for dinner? Maybe Grilled PB&J with Pickles and V8 Juice. That sounds good.