Monday, August 29, 2011

daybook, august 29th

Outside my Window... a beautiful sunshiny day

What We're Learning... about the Great Exhibition, nouns & verbs, and how we should live by Jesus' example

I am thankful for... the end of Annual Training

From the kitchen... cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, macaroni with tomato and basil sauce and parmesan cheese for lunch, Brian's bringing home (frozen) pizza for dinner, and we will be having Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream for dessert

I am wearing... khaki capris and a black maternity tee

I am reading... just skimmed through the current issue of Above Rubies

I am praying... for some much-needed energy

I am creating... a solid high school schedule/credits for Kylie's 9th grade year. This has been the most challenging homeschool planning I've yet to do since we started our home education journey in 2007. I think we are almost there

I am hearing... the clatter of the sun porch ceiling fan, the buzz of my desktop, and the whir of the ceiling fan in our bedroom. It's amazingly that quiet

I am remembering... that I still need to call the pediatrician's office, since we completely missed Judah's check up back on the 19th. I dread DR appointments, and therefore unconsciously forget most of them. I long for a doctor like Amanda's wonderful family doctor. What a blessing!

On my mind... is this baby a boy or a girl? It doesn't really matter at all. But we sure would love another little girl. Except for Benjamin. He wants a boy.

Noticing that... maternity clothes are either skin tight or hot air balloon-ish. There is no classy in-between

One of my favorite things... a Homecoming. Three weeks is just too long to be apart from my Soldier-Husband. I missed him so much it hurt.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... the grocery store and the library, most likely fishing this weekend, Korinne has requested a trip to the Roller Skating Rink, and church