Friday, September 16, 2011

i married a boy in my 3rd grade class

Once there was a little girl who loved to wear dresses and do cartwheels. She went to a little, shiny school in a little, country town.

Once there was a little boy who didn't care what he wore, and loved to play ball. He went to the same little, shiny school in the same little, country town.

The little girl and the little boy were friends for many, many years. Then one day, when they were not so little anymore, they looked into each others eyes, and forgot all about cartwheels and ball.

The not so little anymore boy whispered to the not so little anymore girl, "I'm crazy for you." And she whispered back, "I love you."

A few months later, the little boy turned soldier married the little girl turned momma. And they spent many, many years loving, and having babies, and whispering to each other.

Then one night, the little girl, who was swelling with their eighth baby, had a bad dream.

*** *** ***

The little girl and the little boy were back in their little, shiny school. The little girl was playing make believe with all the other little girls in their class. She announced to her little girl friends that she wanted THE little boy to "play pretend" to be her husband. And all her little girl friends just stared at her. And then they laughed at her.

The little girl called for THE little boy across the classroom to come save her. And he did. The little girl and the little boy embraced, as they stood in the middle of so many other little girls and little boys. The room began to spin, and the little girl was crying, while the little boy was whispering in her ear.

*** *** ***

Then the little girl woke up from her bad dream, and she was that not so little anymore girl again. She was a momma. And her not so little anymore boy soldier was asleep next to her in their bed. She wiped her tears on her pillow, and moved closer to him. And they whispered to each other.