Thursday, September 22, 2011

the quarterback wristband

What is a Quarterback Wristband, you ask? Well, I asked the same thing of my husband a few weeks ago...

"What's that on Connor's wrist? His Army wallet?" Brian answered, smiling...

"That's their Quarterback Wristband. You has all their plays written on it."



...The Quarterback Wristband is a thick band with a clear plastic sleeve to slide the play card into. I have never, ever noticed this...but you can't get anything past my football-loving boys.

Here is their homemade (3rd/1st Grade) version, it says:

1.1 YarD Past fD.
2.Long Pass.
5.all the way to Endzone.
6.Plane Pass.
9.Get Ball carer.

And yes, it actually was his Army wallet that it was taped to, then Velcro-fastened around his wrist. They sell real Quarterback Wristbands for $12.95...I've started Christmas shopping.