Tuesday, October 18, 2011

daybook, october 18th

Outside my Window... rainy, chilly...October!
What We're Learning... Kylie's at the Library, learning how to Volunteer, both Korinne and Connor had English "tests" today, Korinne's was over the 8 parts of speech, Connor's was over Nouns and Verbs, TJ is learning the difference between to, too and two (s-l-o-w-l-y), we went over 1 Peter 1 this morning, and our History (SOTW 4) is becoming so dry and boring...I'm not sure how we're going to spend 5 more months with this book! If anyone knows of a well-loved Modern Times History-ish book, please share it with me! Please!
I am thankful for... Tylenol 3
From the kitchen... cereal for breakfast, PB&J for lunch, chicken tacos (made by the girls) for dinner
I am wearing... navy yoga pants, Army long-sleeve tee, navy socks, ponytail
I am reading... the new Vision Forum catalog came in the mail yesterday, does that count

I am praying... for Judah. He's 4.5 days into his antibiotic, and has started running a fever again. The nurse wants me to bring him back to the office.
I am creating... we're going to go buy orange yarn and green and brown pipe cleaners to make Yarn Pumpkins (like over on Elise's pretty, Autumn table)
I am hearing... Judah fuss, Rinny trying to make him happy, the rain dripping from the gutters, and The Incredibles on TV (we take it easy when Kylie goes to work, so she doesn't miss much 'school')
I am remembering... that I need to be better about keeping my own appointments, doctor and dentist..

On my mind... fever. for 4 weeks now. I'm exhausted
Noticing that... once you start creating, you want to keep creating
One of my favorite things... seeing my children do well on English "tests"

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Judah back to pediatrician tonight, knitting class for Korinne tomorrow, I think we'll finally make it to the grocery tomorrow too, Thursday morning I'm having 2 teeth extracted and a bone graft at my dentist, Brian will be taking the day off to help (YAY!), Friday we have no plans except Family Movie Night, Saturday we're hoping to paint the Dining Room (Golden Honey), and Sunday we hope to get out to Church.