Thursday, October 27, 2011

why simply charlotte mason?

Simply Charlotte Mason

I received an email the other day, I know not from whom, but it simply asked, "Why did you switch from My Father's World to Simply Charlotte Mason?"

First, let me say, we have not been die-hard, faithful MFW users for the entire four years we have been homeschooling. We've used it, and not used it. And used a few other things...Veritas Press, Ambleside Online, Truth Quest, and Simply Charlotte Mason. (I'm speaking mostly of the History parts of these curriculums in this post)

I've tried very hard to stick with MFW and love it. But, for a few reasons, I've just not been able to do it.

...I think it has mostly to do with the fact that MFW has you read bits and pieces of a lot of resources. I prefer to choose A GOOD RESOURCE, and read it to my children. While some folks really appreciate the fact that MFW has done some pre-screening for the teacher-parents, I found it to be very annoying and almost generic feeling.

During Creation to the Greeks (which we all *LOVED*), I learned to overlook this bits and pieces reading...but as the years progressed, it seemed to get a little more tedious.

...I also feel that the further along we got into the chronological history study, the less Charlotte Mason the curriculum became. We did not even do Exploration to 1850, and instead chose to use Adventures, which I felt was still very CM. (I beefed this up for my girls with SCM's Living History Books List and Veritas Press' Yr 5 History Cards).

We did, however, order 1850 to Modern Times, and even used it for the first four or so weeks...but, we soon found ourselves feeling the same way about it.

...And another BIG reason that MFW no longer works for us, is the fact that we feel very strongly, in our large family, that we need to study as much as we can, together. With MFW, you can only use Years 1-5 for your 3rd through 8th graders. I did not have the time, nor did we have the money, to continue to buy two or three programs per year. (and my younger and older children didn't want to be separated from the rest of the family)


Simply Charlotte Mason is working for us right now. We chose our own spines, since SCM hasn't actually completed Lesson Plans for Module 6 yet (Streams of Civilization II for Kylie, and SOTW 4 for Korinne...neither of which we are super pleased with, but you try and find a better Modern Times World History spine...there aren't any out there!), and we are slowly working our way through the Living Books Selections for grades 1-9.

*We are all learning about the same time period, with a Charlotte Mason whole, Living Books approach, and the cost is extremely low. And we like it.