Monday, December 12, 2011

daybook, december 12th

:: outside my window ...dark and cold, each morning there is frost, and I find myself straining to see out the sun porch door. Is it snow? (it has been. twice already.)

:: listening to ...Christmas music. Oh For Joy and Christmas are our new favorites this year.

:: giving thanks for ...the mildness of Benjamin's little mishap with the piano yesterday. An emergency, true. But a small one.

:: living the educational life ...we're staying pretty on track with language arts and math. I suppose you could call this month Christmas School. Christmas read alouds, Christmas poetry, Christmas copywork, Christmas scripture memorization. More Christmas read alouds.

:: wearing ...plain long sleeve tees, comfy sweats, my beloved gray sweater jacket, Christmas socks, slippers. All day. Every day.

:: preparing in the kitchen ...a french toast breakfast, with extra vanilla and! powdered sugar. Sandwiches and chips and! leftover Christmas sprinkle cake for lunch. A spaghetti dinner (with meat sauce, requested by Connor), made by Kylie.

:: creating by hand ...I've made my little Christmas Craft List. And we're happily creating our way through. This week:  Cinnamon Christmas Tree Ornaments, Yarn Angels, and Paper Snowflakes.

:: following these links ...mostly Christmas crafts. And I'll share those as we go on Fridays. I'll admit, I find myself with less to say when I do more blog reading. Although I realize everyone probably wonders where I am... I'm here. Capturing my family, our moments. Which I was doing less and less of before. But this feels right for now. And good.

I did, however, start using a new comment thingy. In order to be more personal in this space. I think it's working from my side. But I have noticed less comments, which doesn't bother me so much...but I wonder if it's hard to use(?)

:: turning pages ...Simplicity Parenting. A very slow start. I'm so tired right now (30 weeks)...I blog a little, read less, and sleep more.

:: finding rhythm less structure. Which is hard for me.

:: keeping house ...we're taking a more relaxed approach in this area too. Everything is still clean, it's just not perfect. It's comfortable. "A place for everything, and everything in it's place." is not a motto I want to carry around with me anymore. An atmosphere of love, and creativity, and safety is more what I'm after right now. ...I don't have a quote for that.

:: finding joy in camera again. Capturing the normal, everyday, little moments. It's a gift.

:: praying ...for an old friend who is in the hospital, while her husband is at home with their children. For my brother-in-law. For JP, who seems to be always sick...I wish we had more day to day details about our little compassion child.

:: planning the week ahead ...Storytime with Santa on Wednesday at our little library. Knitting Club is on hold for the holidays...but wait! there is another one on Thursday nights, do we want to go? My friend (and her entire family) are performing in A Christmas Carol this weekend, and I hope the girls and I get to go.