Monday, March 19, 2012

daybook, march 19th

Outside my Window ... birds swirling, loudly, trees budding, pollen laying

I am thinking ... I should've prepared better for the week. I'm pretending I did ... we'll see how far that gets me today. Mondays are NOT my thing

I am thankful for ... a husband who leads Bible Study at 6AM in the morning. He could rush out the door for work, and not think twice about the hearts of his family. But he doesn't

From the school room ... Week 2 of Ambleside Online Years 1 and 6. I did ALL the reading for both week 1s. I'm hoping to do the same this week for both week 2s. I also hope to find the time to purchase SCM's Module 1 History Guidebook today. BUT! ... we will not rush through these next 11 weeks to go to it

From the kitchen, chocolate milk, rice krispies

I am wearing ... jammies. If you're a nursing momma, you have to get to WalMart and get yourself a few of these nightgowns. They have 6 buttons down the front ... perfect for nursing (and a lot cheaper than Motherhood Maternity!)

I am reading ... the only book I'm reading besides our AO lists is Calico Captive. I have J. R. Miller's Homemaking in my bag, but I haven't started it yet

I am hoping ... for a good week. I do love that each Monday is a fresh, new start. I just don't love Monday for itself

I am creating ... a Pinterest Board ... loving it! Now, if I can just find some time to carry a few of the projects out. First on my list:  our Calvary Hill/Resurrection Garden, which we did two Easters ago, but didn't get around to it last year

I am going ... to get out tonight to get the fun stuff for the kids' Spring Baskets! The first day sort of crept up on me

I am hearing ... Martha Speaks (the kids' favorite) and my grunting baby. Brian said he's going to start calling him Switchblade, he's that grunty (edited:  Brian texted me to let me know it's Swing Blade NOT Switchblade. And the grunter in the movie is named Karl. We saw it a long time ago. Sorry. ...He also texted me a pic of what I thought was a crack in the highway, and asked me what it was from, to which I responded, "earthquake," to which he responded, "It's a stick caught in the wiper blades." to which I responded, "Oh." ... "The boys then." ... he's getting a good laugh out of me this morning. Boo.)

Around the house ... so much to do. Spring Cleaning with the constant thought that my Mother-in-Law will be here Saturday. She'd say, "Don't worry about your house." Like she made sure to tell me, "Don't worry about dinner." But! I'm going to worry nonetheless, and scrub my little house til it sparkles! I like a Spring Cleaned, Sparkly Home anyway

 One of my favorite things ... my homeschool binder with all my articles, booklists, and scope & sequences in it. Even though I don't Lesson Plan, having my binder always with me makes it seem like I do

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... Spring Cleaning, catching up on grading English papers, enjoying the last week of free nights without Baseball, and planning Wesley's 5th Birthday Party (camo ... not barbie)