Thursday, March 1, 2012

daybook, march 1st

:: outside my window ... a warm evening

:: listening to ... David Crowder Band, and folk songs on YouTube. Really. Thinking of giving this a try...because this makes a lot of sense. (and not just because it starts out talking about Baseball:)

:: giving thanks for ... twelve days of baby bliss

:: living the educational life ... finishing up Zoology notebooks through Lesson 6, studying the Passion Week, reading aloud The Bronze Bow (again) ...we've been lite schooling with Baby Zach, and Daddy being home so much

:: wearing ... a blue nightgown from WalMart ... perfect for nursing and tucking baby into at night

:: preparing in the kitchen ... I made a quick Spaghetti Dinner tonight, we finished off a pan of brownies the girls made yesterday, lunch meat samiches and leftover mashed potatoes for lunch

:: creating by hand ... I have lamps that need spray painted, and our St. Patrick's Day flowers need some TLC (or replaced)

:: following these links ... Why Would We Observe Lent?, Destruction-proofing your family  or ALL of LMLD's Reading posts, or ALL of Cheryl's 31 Days to Make a House a Home (so good)

 :: turning pages ... Shepherding a Child's Heart (again), Calico Captive, and the AO website

:: finding rhythm ... not quite yet

:: keeping house ... I super cleaned our bathroom tonight for the first time in two weeks (Kylie had been doing it for me). Felt good. Smells good. I like clean.

:: finding joy in ... my life. It's not too hard.

:: praying ... for an easy weekend.

:: planning the week ahead ... we're back to school full-force Monday. I'm so glad we're year round schoolers. Makes life easier.