Thursday, April 19, 2012

storytime: ten seeds

Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown

A simple, preschool-ish (Earth Day) story about subtraction and plants. Ten seeds starts out with just that, 10 seeds. All snugly planted in rich, black soil. An ant lifts out the first seed, a pigeon picks up the second just as it's beginning to grow roots, and a mouse digs the next as it grows even longer roots. A slimy slug eats one of the seven remaining seedlings, a mole burrows under one of the six shoots, and a cat claws up the next one. Four tiny, little plants are then destroyed by one ball, one rowdy puppy, and too many greenflies. Then, one lonely sunflower blooms, producing 10 new seeds.

An added bonus to the story is it's true-to-life, two-page watercolor (my favorite!) illustrations.

A perfect and beautiful introductory math book for preschoolers.

All 5 of my older, Rowdy Boys sat, listened, and interacted as Miss V read this story. And then could recall (narrate for all you CMers) the entire story back to me during lunch. Now, that's a story book worth checking out with your Library Card.