Monday, July 16, 2012

daybook, july 16th

Outside my Window ... mild, but storm-ready. Which makes me happy.

I am thinking ... how glad I am that we have absolutely NO plans today whatsoever. We need a good day of school work and chores.

I am thankful for ... a break from Seminary. Brian and I have been talking about life, watching our shows, and reading good books.

From the school room ... Brian put the kids back on track with Math just before he left for work this morning, Kylie is working through Analytical Grammar at a fast pace, Korinne is almost finished with Spelling 5, we have hopes that Connor will reach the end of English 2 by the move, and TJ is reading aloud each Mr Putter and Tabby this summer.

From the kitchen ... Coffee with caramel machiato creamer, *Daddy's chocolate milk (because he evidently makes it better), waffles. The blueberry kind.

I am wearing ... my faded, lilac housecoat over my yellow, butterfly nightgown.

I am reading ... finishing up The Mission of Motherhood and For The Children's Sake. Both excellent, every summer reads. Brian and I started Shepherding Your Child's Heart again. And he just finished What He Must Be yesterday, and asked me to read it too. I'm also still working on the Newberry Challenge. Slowly. Bridge To Terabithia.

I am hoping and praying ... my grandma is feeling relief from her pain today. And that my grandpa can get her surgery moved up.
I am creating ... an organized, move-ready home. I have 2 more big projects to tackle before our packers come August 9th. The attic, and all the kids' out-of-season clothing. We've decided to purchase each child a Rubbermaid Roughneck storage box ... hoping those will withstand the moving truck and many years of switching out.

I am going ... nowhere. But tomorrow we have spaghetti dinner plans with our friends, the Hutchesons.

I am hearing ... the dramatic music and anxious voices of the shark wranglers. We LOVE History Channel's new show.

Around the house ... packing, taking wall art down, spackling ... I'm also on a mission to teach some of the youger kids how to do some chores that the big kids have been doing for a few years. The girls are wanting to do more cooking and baking, and need some time freed up to do so.

 Some of my favorite things ...

Benjamin's new ABC and 123 Star Wars books. So simple. So big and sturdy. He loves them to0. Free Chick-fil-A. Such an all-around great place.
And Pastor Rogers on Sunday nights with my family.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... school work, chore training, packing ...