Saturday, August 11, 2012

7 days until the move { new home sneak peek }

We have just 7 short days left in the little town of Jonesboro. We're pretty much all set for the move. I have to set aside all our 'necessities' Monday evening, our packers will be here Tuesday, they will load everything onto the truck Thursday, we will clean our tiny, little house for the last time Friday, and then pull out for a brand new adventure in South Carolina on Saturday morning.

We have a new home waiting for us. God is so good. And He provides.

We've been invited to a sweet church by a new friend.

We have 'met' many families from the girls' AHG troop. We've joined a homeschool group. Brian has talked to his new Commander. And I've looked into the library, homeschool choir, YMCA (Homeschool PE?!), ballet class, Lego Club  ... ... and will prepare our 2012-2013 homeschool papers for the new district this week.

It's close.

I'm hoping to spend the week gathering memories and thoughts and life lessons learned while here, and sharing them if there is time. A goodbye of sorts. To our life here. That has been so full.