Thursday, September 20, 2012

a full day

This morning we did bible study. Without Brian. It seems almost wrong to do it without him, but he needed to get ahead at work this week, so he left exceptionally early each morning. But tomorrow, he'll be staying for it. And it made my heart sing when he reminded the girls to get their reading in before going to bed.

Little Bitty is all over. And when you're frantically getting everykid ready to head out for most of the day, you need to put him somewhere safe. And stationary. Because he. gets. into. everything. And is super fast about it. *this morning, I chose his highchair. In the family room. Where he could watch The Lion King.

Our first stop was Storytime at our new library. Our library that is the size of a small hospital. The selection of material within the walls of this library is like nothing I could have ever imagined. They had absolutely every title that was looked for. (it is, however, missing that cozy feeling we still have for our library in Jonesboro) I took the Littles into Storytime. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, and If You Give A Moose A Muffin. Miss Kim, the new Story Lady, was excellent. And there was some singing and dancing too. And! ... at the end, they didn't do a craft. Oh no! They got a beanie baby moose. Really. And Miss Kim even gave one to the boys to give to 'their baby'. So, now we have four little mooses (?) floating around the Bailey Home. One is named Andy Dalton.

We left the library, and got lost. But I stayed calm and reminded everyone that getting lost in a new place is how you get to see all the neat things that are in the new place. It worked on everyone but my paranoid child, Kylie. Who kept reading the street signs to me. In a 'freaking out' voice. I texted Brian a few times, enough times to where he finally just texted me to meet him at the Chick Fil A by his work, and he'd get us all lunch. Good deal. Get lost, get lunch. It's one of those neat places that have outside tables, and the weather was perfect, so it was really nice and picnic-y. (and I hadn't told the kids that he'd be there ... so it was fun to see their faces when he pulled in)

We finished our day out with a trip to Sam's. Yes. We did. Me ... and eight kids. In Sam's. It went remarkably well. Until the end when some old man mistook Korinne for the older sister. Kylie is getting tired of that, and Korinne only just passed her up in height. Sorry chicky.

I made BLTs for dinner. Then we all headed outside to play a little before baths. I suggested a bike ride, but Connor reminded me that they hadn't played football all day ... so football it was. ... and some baby feet.

Sleep Well,