Friday, September 21, 2012

circuses and evening sun

Today while reading My Book House, I discovered that TJ has a fear of circuses. He gets that from me. We do not enjoy Dumbo. Does anyone enjoy Dumbo? What *is* with that whole elephants on parade scene? Scary.

We didn't have tea time this afternoon, we had chocolate milk time. With graham crackers ... which we dunked into the chocolate milk because you do not have to use tea time manners if you're not actually having tea time.

We spent the late afternoon outside sledding down the hill on boxes again, playing with the kitties, and taking a walk (or road march ... whatever). When we got home, we moved to the back deck where I snapped a picture I love of all the kids, and then another one of the view of the neighborhood and beyond from the deck.

As we were getting ready to set the dinner table, I noticed the evening sun shining through the front windows. And it made me happy. The poor massacred flower on the table, however, makes me sad.

Happy Sleeping,