Saturday, September 8, 2012

hello. from south carolina.

Hi. It's me. Popping in for just a moment to say all is well.

:: I am making a house a home.

:: I am establing routine.

:: I am doing double laundry in a tiny washing machine.

:: I am teaching a brand new kindergartner his letters.

:: I am deciding what's worth the time and money.

:: I am putting my family first.

:: I am making a house a home.

... things have gone slowly. But *finally* there are no boxes in view. School books have arrived.  Brian has gone back to work.

... and as I walked up the stairs tonight to put the kids in bed, I was tired ... but comfortable. Like I'm home. Finally.

* We'll talk more tomorrow.

ps ... I'm really too tired to upload any pics tonight, but you can check out my Instagram photos in the sidebar to see what we've been up to today.