Wednesday, September 12, 2012

homeschool: how it's going, how it's not ...

You'd think I would consider myself a homeschool veteran at this point. But I don't. I actually still consider myself a homeschool newbie. Very much a baby homeschool mom.

I still struggle with the most basic of  homeschooling things ... like curriculum, schedule, lesson planning (what's that?).

However, I'm choosing to not focus on my lack of good-homeschool-mom-abilities. And instead, I'm trying to stay focused on our homeschool method:  a lifestyle of learning to love learning, and continuing to learn throughout all of life --- reading lots of  books (picture books, poetry books, history books, fun books, bible books) --- running and hollering and playing outside --- focusing on creation-based HisTory --- listening to music (Christian music, folksongs, classical music, toddler music, hymns) and drawing and coloring and cooking --- talking and arguing and discussing and praying --- and asking ... "What do YOU want to do? What interests YOU? Let's focus on a few of those things. Let's be productive. Let's live interestingly."

Some days have been full of academics, some days have been full of play and passion-following. Some days have just come and gone. I'm trying my best to ensure everyone is getting to and through the basics. Adding in just a few challenges. Throwing in some fun, some unexpected. Seeking balance in it all. Putting Him first, and throughout. Using what we have, letting go of what we don't. And breathing. And living. And soaking it up. Not taking a moment of it for granted. Grateful for this opportunity.

And praying I don't blow it. Lord, please. I don't want to blow it.