Wednesday, September 19, 2012

singing in the rain ::


The first few pictures are from Monday and Tuesday. It rained. A lot. And the kids were out in it most of the afternoons. So much so that our neighbor, Rhonda (who we just met for the first time today. Actually, she's the only neighbor we've met), said she saw them playing outside in the rain, and texted her husband that they HAD to come over and meet us. I'm so glad that she thought it was fun, and not terrible-crazy. She also invited us to church. But I think we're headed back to the one we visited a few weeks ago. We all loved it.

Today, I looked outside to find all the kids drawing on some of the eight million boxes still laying in a mountain-sized heap in our garage. Upon calling Judah and Benjamin in for their baths, I realized that they were all out there drawing with Sharpie markers. So, we will be visiting that church again, with colorful little boys. ... I also took a few pics of them 'sledding' down the hill on some boxes. But they were blurry.

I also snapped a few of Zach in the tub. He's a bathing maniac. I literally need a raincoat in there. I wanted to share his largeness with all of you. He is by far our biggest baby ever. I love him.

We also seriously need to go to the grocery store. For tea time today, we had to have plain tea with only sugar, no cream. You would have thought I was poisoning them. So, being the good mom I am, I suggested putting marshmallows in. And they did. ... we also had popcorn. Yum. Anyone want to stop by for a spot of marshmallow-y tea and popcorn tomorrow? Maybe it will rain again, and we can all go out and sing in it, while Rhonda watches from her window.