Wednesday, October 10, 2012

about us

hi, I'm Kathi ... an army wife, blessed momma of eight, challenged homemaker, children's literature lover, vanilla coffee drinker, tidal homeschooler, expert laundress, amateur photographer, sometimes blogger, library patron, and Jesus follower.
I'm happily married to Brian ... he calls me princess, cooks dinner sometime,s and teaches math to our kids. He works full time for the Army Reserves, and is attending Seminary in hopes of being a Chaplain.

We have eight children,

Zacharias Eugene ... born February 18th, 2012. Zach spends his days crawling, saying da-da ('say Momma Zach, say Momma'), nursing and eating bananas and only orange veggies, oh! and he shares his bed with me and Brian.

Judah Wayne ... the (almost) 3 year old. Jude spends his days wreaking havoc on our little homeschool, singing, reading stories, and playing with play doh.

Benjamin Richard ... the 4 year old. Ben spends his days putting paper in his notebook, escaping vegetables, wearing a buzz lightyear costume, and consuming as much sugar as possible.

Wesley Ray ... the 5 year old. Ray Ray spends his days trying to hang with the big boys, speeding through his school work, drawing baseball cards, and riding his bike.

Tyler Joseph ... the (almost) 8 year old. TJ spends his days sorting his baseball cards, memorizing sports stats, getting as many hugs as he can, protesting school work, and watching as much TV as his anti-television mom will allow.

Connor Scott ... the 10 year old. Bubba spends his days drawing, studying his college football preview book, neglecting trash day, dawdling through school work, and planning his weekend according to what football games are on.

Korinne Shea ... the 12 year old. Rin spends her days reading, and reading, and reading. She occasionally does school work (she writes stories well ... go figure), and she enjoys baking, knitting, and has a pinterest addiction.

Kylie Sierra ... the 15.5 year old. 'Sissy' spends her days loving on the littles, trying to get all her high school work done, practicing piano, quoting jane austen, and trying to stay focused. On anything. For more than 4 minutes.

... ... ...
I love my life, and pray earnestly for tomorrow. This little blog is our book of days, I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I enjoy sharing it.