Thursday, October 4, 2012

daybook, october 4th

Outside my window... it's dark and cool right now. But the days are still warm. Too warm. Not quite Indian-summer-ish. But definitely still summer. I try not to think of the cool autumn temperatures that I'm sure our family is experiencing at home. Or the beautiful, colorful trees. Or the smile driving by Shaw Farms would bring.

i love that i caught Benjamin laughing at her

I am thinking... that it's for certain I'll never make it through this daybook before Zach starts stirring. He's been asleep since 7:30-ish. It could almost be a record. Sleep, little baby, sleep.

I am thankful... for our new, safe neighborhood. I met another neighbor today. A lady, about my age, who we thought *must* be divorced. No. She is a widow. And spoke of her husband, Jeff, with a sparkle in her eye.

In the kitchen... I made a chicken devan tonight. It was yummy. But more exciting was the little Recipe Notebook I made once the kids were all in bed. I've just been throwing recipes in a binder for years. Now, they are all organized. And pretty.

I am wearing... my sea-green moon and stars jammies. I am in bed.

I am creating... oh, I already said this. I'm pretty proud of my non-creative self, so I'll say it again. I created a Recipe Notebook. I also covered another composition notebook I'd been using to take down blog notes. They look so much nicer covered.

I am going... I will probably take all the kids to WalMart tomorrow. Judah got his birthday card from Mamaw and Papaw today, and I've pretty much decided he can spend his gift money on whatever he wants. Which will be a Hawkeye action figure. Or maybe Captain America on his motorcycle.

letters and phonics have proved to be a little much for the Kindergartner ... so we're not stressing, and spending more time on the fun things. things already mastered. so as to not overwhelm.

I am wondering... how that trip to WalMart will go with all the kids. Storytime Tuesday morning was enough to kill me. Really. I swore we'd never go back. And the library is my favorite place.

I am reading... Keeping House: The Litany of Everyday Life (excellent), Anne of Green Gables, Jesus Calling (for kids), and many different Read Alouds to the kids.

I am hoping... that Judah is able to ride the big wheel/trike/bike we bought him for his birthday. He wanted a Shark Attack bike, but we couldn't find it. So I showed him a few different Radio Flyers on Amazon ... and let him choose.

I am looking forward to... the weekend. Pizza and a movie tomorrow night. A birthday day Saturday. And resting Sunday.

I am learning... the planning side of homemaking. This house is so much bigger (more to clean, but easier), and our washing machine is so much smaller (more loads to wash), and our grocery budget needs scaled back.

Around the house... I still cannot find the box with all my autumn decorations and books in it. I'm hoping we find it this weekend, so we can makes things a little more festive.

I am pondering... "The week has this written all over it: God only allows pain if He’s allowing something new to be born" -AV

A favorite quote for today...
as I was making my Recipe Notebook, I thought of all the time I've spent in the kitchen the last few years with my girls ... cooking the recipes I was going through and organizing, and I thought of my favorite Dolly Parton quote, “When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be in the kitchen because it was warm, and that’s where my mother was. You never lose that feeling.”

One of my favorite things... Friday night's easy dinner. Pizza. Sometimes the take out kind. Sometimes the frozen kind. Tomorrow night's is the frozen kind.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Judah turns 3 Saturday. *THAT* is all the (big) plans we need!

A peek into my day...

i'm sorry. snack time could not get any better when you're sharing with this guy!