Thursday, October 18, 2012

homeschooling on thursday

this picture has nothing to do with homeschooling, other than the fact that Zach is LEARNING that he likes food. Big people food.

A lot.
We spent a lot of time this week on History and Science, which we'd been neglecting. I was really taking the time to get to know our curriculum. Yes. I know it's now late-mid-October. But we're year round schoolers, so it doesn't really matter. We also got half way through Peter and the Wolf, learning about some of the orchestra instruments. And we spent a lot of time outside faking Nature Study.

We find it very helpful to use songs to help us memorize whenever you can. We listened to two songs for Astronomy this week. We also learned the states and capitals that way. And we know Veritas Press' American History and Presidents songs.

Wesley's ABCs and 123s "Copywork" using his Star Wars ABC and 123 books.

*A little reminder to myself (and some advice to share with you) would be to do something with your preschoolers first. We did not do that at all this week. And it really showed in the Littles' behavior. We missed Morning Meeting with our poems, nursery rhymes, alphabet, and calendar. And we also missed singing our Bible Song, reading our Bible Story, and the twenty minutes each morning we would spend coloring our Bible Story picture. Why?! did we not do that this week?

and Candy Corn Math

Barb, the creator of The Outdoor Hour Challenge and Harmony Fine Arts, truly inpired me today. I happened upon her Autumn Study lens at Squido ... and found it to be really amazing that anyone would spend that much time, put forth that much effort, and share it with the rest of us homeschooling moms for almost free. Can you imagine what homeschooling would be like if we all shared that way?! Go see for yourself. She has numerous Nature Study ideas with links and notebook pages. And some Autumn music selections. And Autumn Picture Study prints. And then a whole bunch of great living books to go along with all of it. Thank you! Barb!!

For our fun books, we're Reading Aloud Pippi Longstocking and Little Town on the Prairie.

We are NOT fans of Pippi. At all. Any of us. We will read the last chapter tomorrow, and even though I have the second and third books in my possession, we will NOT be reading them. She is just too ornery for us. And we don't need any extra ornery in this house. At all.

the Little Boys are not reading here. they are watching PBS. because that's what we do sometimes.

However, we all LOVE Little Town on the Prairie. Today we read the chapter where Laura and Mary Power go to their first Sociable. Tuesday, we read about name cards, and we got to see Laura and Almanzo together. Yay! We are just Little House geeks here. Just tonight my Big Boys fell asleep to Little House in the Big Woods, and my Little Boys fell asleep to Farmer Boy. Ahhh. Pa's fiddle, and Cherry Jones' voice is so comforting.

For American History, we're reading The Vikings. We are only a few chapters into it, so I really can't comment other than to say it's pretty adventurous! ... and I do know my Big Boys are enjoying it, because they're talking about it. They've already read Leif the Lucky a few times (they LOVE DÁulaire's books, and are ALWAYS reading one during Quiet Time) and they feel like they know Leif. Leif's their bud.

For World History, we're reading Adam and His Kin. I have no comment on this book yet. I might not ever have a comment on this book.

In the kithen this morning, I made french toast with Kylie's homemade bread (home ec), bacon, chocolate milk, and coffee for breakfast (while watching a very pretty sunrise). We had apples and bananas for morning snack, cut up hot dogs and ketchup with corn for lunch, Cambric Tea and Korinne's homemade oatmeal raisin bars (home ec, again) for tea time, Digiorno pizzas for dinner, and peanuts and milk before bed. We spend a lot of money on food.

Simple things like having someone inform us of what instrument is what on our Peter and the Wolf CD, Greek answer keys, and knowing that most of our learning happens by living (if I didn't know that, I'd be in trouble) make me a very grateful homeschool mom.

hurry up with the food, Mom!


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