Monday, October 15, 2012

:: on a monday morning

Early in the morning, five boys found their dad's food magazines. And because they are his sons, they got all excited when I said they could get them all out and look. And look they did. For a long while. Ooohing and aaahing at all the good things they could choose from. Their list is long. And it includes many things with bacon. Because they are his sons. :)

Kylie made bread. For the second morning in a row. She had made two loaves on Sunday, so excited to try a new recipe. And it flopped. And she was so disappointed. She said she knew it wouldn't turn out right, because it didn't smell right. Honestly, it wasn't bad. But it wasn't hers. So this morning, she went back to tried-and-true ... and was happy. As were a bunch of her hungry, homemade-bread-loving siblings (and her mom).

We finally started our Astronomy study. We read all the way through Lesson 1 (don't get too excited, it was pretty short). We skipped the mnemonic sentence to help us memorize the names of the planets, and went with a song. We're pretty good at memorizing with songs. TJ copied his notebook page straight from the YouTube video. Happily. (I dare you to watch. You'll sing it all day, and know the planets too!)

Baby is teething. Three at once this time. Which is better than four, but still rough. This non-expression of his is pretty constant ... sleep is not. Poor baby. He's still so cute. Couldn't you just kiss those sweet cheeks off? Me too.

:: happy monday! ::