Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{ pretty, happy, funny, real } on wednesday

Our morning started off with Art. Not the school kind of Art. But Art nonetheless. I cannot keep plain white paper or colored pencils in this house. Nor scotch tape. I suppose I'm happy that my children are so crafty. Because I'm not, and it frustrates me. Craft and draw and cut and paste away kids!

{ real }

Zach still takes a morning nap. And I was extremely happy to see him wake up in a good mood. He usually is NOT a happy-waker-upper. But he was sweet and smiley and playful this morning. I do believe all three of his teethers have popped through, which is a major relief to both of us.

{ happy }

When we went outside this afternoon, I did actually take my Outdoor Hour Challenge October Newsletter with me to try and plan some Nature Study. But it just confused me. So I decided to just pick a Seasons Tree for us (mind you, it's not really OUR tree ... it's a tree on an empty lot on the corner of our street. but you can see if from our deck. and it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our yard. so I've declared it our Seasons Tree). We will watch it closely as it changes over the seasons, and share what we learn with all of you.

{ pretty }

The boys also went Bug Hunting. They found grass hoppers, a bunch of roly poly bugs (their favorite), and a crazy looking spider that I made them release ASAP. Connor acted like I was insane for worrying that they would get hurt, and informed me (the arachnophobic mother) that it was just a grass spider because of the yellow and black stripes. Um, okay. Go let it free anyway. Thank you.

When we all sat down for dinner this evening, Wesley had snuck his grass hopper in (thank heavens it wasn't the spider), and was trying to hide it in his lap. The girls flipped out, but I made a bargain with him ... so Hopper is out on the deck until morning.

Judah quickly got bored with all the Bug Hunting, and decided to spend some time with our kitten, Mittens. He LOVES Mittens. Mittens tolerates him. She's actually very good with him. We lucked out with two good doggish-cats.

Judah shared his Kitty Nature Study time with Zach and Korinne, but Zach also quickly got bored and decided he wanted down. He's an expert down-the-lap slider.

{ funny }

 We then ended our day in much the same way we started. With books (The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, Freight Train, I Hear, I See, I Touch, Titch, Good Night, Gorilla, and Ten, Nine, Eight ... we highly recommend them all!) and Art.

 :: happy wednesday! ::

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