Monday, November 19, 2012

19 november









Bright and early this morning, Benjamin was making a book for Uncle Tyler. Benjamin is almost more interested in learning and writing his letters than Wesley is. Wesley is more concerned with doing his Math packets. The boys opted to do their 'letters' with Droids and Troopers. They are big into the Star Wars action figures and Legos right now. Santa's got it easy this year.

Kylie made bread late this morning, so our PB&J sandwiches were warm. And soft. And yummy. She's made bread almost every other morning for a month now. She has pretty much perfected this recipe, and loves her bread guide and electric knife, she says they make bread making so much easier. She has her eye on Pioneer Woman's gorgeous Kitchen Aid Mixer ... not so easy for Santa.

Someone mentioned yesterday that both Zach and Judah were looking so big. They are so big. Zach turned 9 months yesterday (and has 7 teeth). Judah is 3. Which means he's not a baby anymore. He's a Little.

For tea time this afternoon, I made Cambric and Chocolate Dipped Holiday Pretzels. Yes. Homemade bread every day, and chocolate dipped pretzels. And I wonder why I look so very healthy. Ha! The kids enjoyed them just as much as I did, and there were chocolate-ly faces and fingers and lots of plate licking going on.

The day went so slowly and uneventfully (and mostly calmly) by that I almost forgot it was (Mon)day. Which is big.