Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daybook

FOR TODAY, December 11th, 2012

Outside my window... it was damp, and still too warm for almost mid-December. I miss December in Cincinnati. Very much

I am thinking... that I'm really at the point where I need to teach my boys that there is a time for quiet and still. I'm actually past that point.

I am thankful... for children's acetaminophen/ibuprofen, as Zach has been battling a low-grade fever for 4-5 days now.

In the kitchen... I made Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner this evening. Everyone had seconds, some had thirds, everyone raved. I am a happy homemaker tonight.

I am wearing... grey sweatpants, and the navy blue Nutcracker tee from the girls' 2009 performance. I miss my ballerinas performing in the Nutcracker. Very much.

I am creating... I've been thinking of my 2013 Goals List. It's pretty simple. And mostly attainable. And fairly easily.

I am going... if Z's fever doesn't go soon, I will make our first trip to the doctor's office since we have lived here in South Carolina. (I am not including Judah's Nurse-Maid's Elbow)

I am wondering... how this many days of Advent have gone by already. We're behind in our reading, and I feel not very Christmas-y.

I am reading... I haven't picked a book up in a few weeks. Other than a few of the Christmas board books. -- I know. It's so weird.

I am hoping... my will to read returns soon.

I am looking forward to... my will to read returning.

I am learning... that I need to have faith like I encourage everyone else to have.

Around the house... I had a mountain of laundry to conquer today. Taking 1.5 days off is so not worth it. I mostly got it all finished ... except for all the things that go on hangers. Did I tell all of you that I made the master bedroom closet an Almost Family Closet? I did. Brian, myself, and six little boys' clothes are in there. And it takes effort to keep it organized.

I am pondering... wondering ... pondering ... isn't that the same thing? 

A favorite quote for today... Wear the old coat, buy the new book. ...or something like that. Maybe I just need a new book to jump start my will to read. NOT about homeschooling or parenting. Suggestions?

One of my favorite things... my Christmas red bird nightgown I bought myself from Walmart. I love it. I also love my Advent Centerpiece. And Kylie's Sled/Ice Skates display on othe front stoop. And my new Snowman Wreath from my friend, Cathy. And my housewarming gift of The Lord's Prayer from my mother-in-law. And the kids picture with the Mall Santa from yesterday.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  my mom will be here Thursday, Brian and I are going on a date to have dessert and coffee and buy stocking stuffers Saturday, we are visiting a new (#7 in the 4 months since we've been here in SC) church on Sunday.

A peek into my day...