Friday, December 14, 2012

stocking stuffers


Brian and I are heading to Barnes and Noble this evening. We're going to get coffees, share a dessert, he'll grab his magazine, and I'll grab mine. Then I'll spend just a little bit of time browsing the Children's Books section. My favorite. I've tried and tried to branch out into books for grown women, I'm a few chapters into the first Mitford book, but I just don't enjoy it like I enjoy my Children's Lit. (I have this on my Amazon Wish List, maybe it'll do the trick.)

Our main goal, though, this evening, is to complete our Christmas shopping. We have a few things we need at Kohl's (including black Nike socks), but the most important thing is the stuffings for eight stockings.

Here are our usuals:

Spangler's Peppermint Stick
Brach's or Russel Stover's Marshmallow Santa
Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Tree
Red Apple
Chapstick/Nail Polish

 :: happy friday, hope you're almost through Christmas shopping too! ::