Thursday, April 4, 2013

the family drive in practice run

bath time diversion with the Crazy Kiddos who like to take pics of themselves with my iPhone

 I've had this idea pinned for quite some time ... it was probably one of the first things I pinned a year ago when I first succumbed to Pinterest. Last night was just a practice run at the Bailey Family Drive In ... our family was not complete, we did not have black paper plates for the tires, we didn't take the time to add our yellow construction paper headlights, and there was no concession stand (however, Korinne did bake a chocolate cake for us ... and Kylie made bread:). Also, I think a few of the boxes were too small. But! The boys did get a kick out of the idea, they even thanked me over and over again for "the idea." So ... we will be finishing our cardboard box cars, and we will be heading to the Bailey Family Drive In more often. And, I think I'll come up with a fancier name: Starry Night Drive In ... Midnight Sky Drive In ... Full Moon Drive In ... ...

I'll post the real deal as soon as we go again.