Monday, July 8, 2013

Jumping and Splashing



I had the best day I've had in quite a few weeks concerning the pregnancy/morning sickness. I did a lot of laundry, cleaned the boys bathroom, made lunch and dinner, got this poor blog back up and running, and was actually able to be outside this afternoon as the boys played. Yay me!

First thing this morning, I took Brian to work. Our minivan had been being worked on, and we weren't able to pick it up until today. Then I rushed home to make sure everyone had eaten breakfast (thanks, Kylie!), and took Korinne to her first day of Ballet Intensive Camp. The ballet school she attends here gifted her with very large, very wonderful scholarship so that she could attend. 

Everyone is still finishing up a few subjects in school, but they are slowly becoming less and less for each child. Our hope is that everyone has finished well by the time we leave for our beach vacation at the end of August ... so that we can start a fresh, new school year the week after we get home. Keeping our fingers crossed. 

Most afternoons the boys spend outside. The rains here have been absolutely absurd for July. But the sun and blue skies seem to have returned. They play a lot of wiffle ball, a lot of war, and do a lot of splashing and jumping in the little blow up pool.

I hope everyone is having a fun, relaxing summer.

:: happy jumping and splashing! ::