Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26th 2013

The day after Christmas ...

Some of us are busy happily crafting beautiful tulled lights for our beds. Some of us are unhappily busy with assigned reading (Mom Prison may have been mentioned here ... it also may have been asked how long a mom would go to prison for assigning good reading ... and a smile may have crossed a certain reluctant reader's lips). Some of us are curiously busy inspecting blood, toilet paper (unused. ahem.), bird feathers, coins, dollars (to find the REAL secrets behind the American Dollar. What?! haven't you seen National Treasure?). And some of us are dutifully busy climbing up into the attic and resetting the heating unit (NOT me said the very pregnant blogger).

... And we are all realizing how much we take running water for granted ... and impatiently busy waiting for a plumber to arrive. Please. Mr. Plumber. Arrive.