Friday, December 27, 2013

The 27th of December

Our God's World News magazines came today. The kids go nuts when they arrive. They're pretty good stuff. I don't think that's what Kylie is reading ... I think she's actually looking at the political cartoons in World. It's strange. She really enjoys Government/Economics-type stuff. She shares almost everything she reads in her Uncle Eric series.

The boys got a last minute stocking stuffer -- each of them received a brand new 12-pack of Crayola colored pencils. They are already putting them to good use and have dumped every single box (except for Connor's) into our well used art caddy. ... we've also worked quite hard depleting the red, green, and silver kisses.

We are still waiting on the plumber to arrive. Word has it tomorrow at 2PM will be the glorious time. Christmas candles are nearing the bottom of their jars. I used of the last of my White Christmas a few days ago ... it's almost my favorite. I seriously consider burning it year round. I'll be sad when my red one is gone too ... I think it's so pretty. Like my poinsettia from my mom. It amazes me it's still alive and red and green.

Outside, we're noticing the red birds a lot more. I love them. I wish it would snow so I could watch them all flit around the tree and feeder, bright red against the sparkly white. Which is why we're leaving our sled and skates on the front porch. Wishful thinking ... of snowy days.

One of the biggest hits of Christmas has been the card games my grandma sent the kids. Judah has mastered, what he calls, Gold Fish. And every time he asks anyone for a card, he will say, "Daddy (or Momma or Wesley or TJ or whoever ... do you have a eel, a shark, a sea turtle, a sea star? ..." It's so cute.

By the end of the day, we were all quite ready for a hot shower, so we decided to head to Brian's work. It was like packing ten people for a sleepover. Quickly. The boys thought it was great fun. The girls and I ... thought it was ... weird. Good memories. ... ... By the time we got home it was super late. We had pizza and root beer and watched Enchanted. And then went off to bed dreaming of true love's kiss.

And running water.