Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Last Sunday And Snowman Crafting

We're fairly certain today was the last Before Church photo without Baby Miriam. It's a little bitter sweet. It always is. The baby is not the baby anymore ... and there is a new baby.

After church, and a dollar store trip, and lunch, and naps, I decided to make good on one of my goals for 2014:  to do more fun crafts with my littles.

First, we made our Snowman Bulletin Board Display. I found this on ... it looks like they have one for each month/season, so I plan to go back for more, and keep my front door as an advertisement for our homeschool.

While we were cutting out our snowflakes, we had visitors ...

"The Tootsie Roll Man!" the boys all shouted as they looked out our dining room windows.

And sure enough, there was the Tootsie Roll Man and his sweet wife. They brought Miriam a beautiful afghan. I'll have to share a picture with you once she is here, and snuggled up in it.

Next:  Cotton balls, paper plates, construction paper, and glue. A very simplified version of a craft I found while googling (I'm not on Pinterest anymore).

Then:  More glue, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, markers, and glitter. Fun. Messy. Yummy (just ask Judah).