Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten Books That Have Stayed With Me

A Nest For Celeste by Henry Cole

1. There Are Rocks In My Socks Said The Ox To the Fox by Patricia Thomas -- childhood, my mom read this book to me. Repeatedly. In Bird Voice. (my dad didn't read me a book. He told me a story. It included sunshine, blue skies, wind, horses, me, and my brother and sister. I will write it down some day.)

2. Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson -- 4th Grade, I clung to every word of this book as Mrs. Sullivan read it. Brian doesn't even remember. (?!)

3. I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier -- 10th Grade, I was heartbroken at the end of this book and couldn't believe my English teacher didn't want to talk about it ...

4. Heartbeat by Danielle Steele -- probably when I was 16-17ish years old, I can only vaguely remember the storyline but I remember reading it poolside at my grandparents condo and feeling so grown up holding it in my hands. It's the only DS novel I've read, it's not something I'd ever pick up now, nor something I'd allow my own 16/17 year old daughter to read. But it's "stayed with me" nonetheless.

5. Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott -- 1998-99, I checked this out from the Library at Ft Bragg when we lived there. Took me a long time to read it (months). It made me think about my lack of faith, looking back ... it was probably what started the ball rolling, leading me to pick up:

6. the first book in the Left Behind series -- 2001, leading me to pick up:

7. The Bible -- which took me years (like 3!) to read through.

8. Sleepy Bears by Mem Fox -- 2003, Kylie checked this out from her school library in Kindergarten. I read it to her, Korinne, and Connor so many times ... I remember thinking, "I want a bunch of babies to read stories to in bed." Seriously.

9. Star Of Light by Patricia St John -- 2008, the girls and I read this in their room at our first house in Jonesboro. We cried. And read. And cried.

10. Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher & The Year Of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill -- 2010-11, these 2 books helped me see what kind of education I wanted to give my kids. I read them over and over again.