Friday, March 21, 2014

A Day at Home

Isn't she just adorably chub-a-licious in her little pink hat/sleeper with her nursery rhyme "burper" ... and could not have somekiddo reminded me that I had a pen in my hair?!?!

All day at home. For the first time in an entire week. We all needed it. We did a lot of home-y things ... like some backyard birding, some bike riding, some trail walking, some front porch sitting, some baby snuggling, some Bazooka bubble gum chewing, some movie watching ...

We filled and hung our new hummingbird feeder on the front porch. I guess the little boys thought that meant that a "flock" of hummingbirds should appear immediately. But we were not so lucky. We also hung up our new cedar feeder in the front tree (once we pulled it away from Korinne -- who evidently loves the smell of cedar). It did immediately start attracting birds. We watched from our dining room table/windows, which sometimes causes quite a stir (like when TJ spotted the red-bellied woodpecker). Kylie has mentioned shutting the blinds during meals, but everyone gasped in disbelief at such a suggestion. Our Audobon Song Bird Bird-a-Day calendar arrived yesterday, and once everyone got finished looking at/reading it ... we placed it on the dining room wall right next to the windows. We hope it helps us identify the birds a little easier. We'll see.

The boys have really gotten into Nascar lately. We now ride bikes with batting driving gloves, and football/baseball driving helmets (complete with number/sponsor drawings taped on). At any given moment you can also hear them "announcing" the bike ride race with the constant "boogity, boogity ... let's go racing boys!" All in true Bailey Boy fashion. We don't do anything half way here. The neighbors think we're crazy, I'm sure.

I also slipped on Kylie's sneakers, grabbed my camera, said, "I'll be back in a bit," and headed out the door to take pictures of some flowers. But we have none. It's like some bachelor lived here before us that doesn't appreciate a little color in the spring (he did). I miss daffodils so bad. WHO?! doesn't love/need daffodils in the spring? I did manage to find a tree in the woods with some white and pink flowers on it, and as I was snapping away, Mimi popped out from behind the weeds. Scared me to death, but made me smile at the same time because she had followed the boys into the woods like the true doggish-cat she is.

I also found the spring baseballs popping up out of the ground. How I miss watching my boys play. It breaks my heart when I see Facebook friends posting their Baseball Mom photos of their boys up to bat. When we passed the fields the other night on the way to church, I noticed the lights on over the hills at the fields. The next morning at breakfast Connor said, "Yeah. It made me really sad when I saw the lights on at the ballpark." Me too, Buddy. Me too.

Shows:  Wild Kratts, Martha Speaks, Luck of the Irish, The Muppet Show

Songs:  Down In The Valley, Rejoice In The Lord Always, Dan Zane and Friends Welcome Table:  Songs Of Inspiration, Mystery & Good Times (album), Sing Over Me (album), elizabeth mitchell little seed songs for children by woody guthrie (album), Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

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