Monday, March 10, 2014

Exploring Countries and Cultures With Connor and TJ

Last week, Connor and TJ started some new studies. For the next several months, they will be taking a trip around the world. They'll learn all about world geography, other countries and their cultures, and the stories of the missionaries who have served in those countries. They are super excited, and I'm hoping I can keep up.

The first photo is of the two of them on our first Nature Walk for ECC. They are observing their Backyard Habitat (I'll share more photos from the trail later).

They also both applied for their passport, created a poster illustrating John 3:16, and tried to cut an orange (representing a globe) in such a way it could be flattened into an accurate map.

*I'll try to keep you up to date on their adventures ... but I do have this bunny slipper wearing baby girl here. She's not very fond of being put down for blogging.